Purchasing optimization: Call on Bimex Solutions

Since its foundation in 2022, Bimex Solutions has been a purchasing outsourcing expert, supporting companies of all sectors and sizes, on the Belgian and international markets.

We also offer an operational purchasing consulting service.

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Our services

Purchasing outsourcing

Would you like to centralize your purchasing to reduce management costs?

Reduce the time you spend on this task and concentrate on your core activity.


Would you like to optimize your company's purchasing management?

We'll share our knowledge with you, for the benefit of your operational performance.

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Are you a manufacturer of innovative, high-quality, sustainable products?

Would you like to distribute your products through our company?

We look forward to working with you.

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Why choose Bimex Solutions?

Our experience

The know-how acquired through the growth and diversity of its customer base has made Bimex Solutions a first-rate strategic partner.

Since we started our activity, over 90% of our customers have been loyal to us. Our passionate, experienced employees are by your side - working towards a common goal of growth.

Our commitments

We work hard to offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our values include attention to ransparency, flexibility, competence, responsiveness and commitment. Building long-lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers is a priority.

Our supplier network

Our long-standing relationships with suppliers allow us to provide you with all types of goods (Class B and C purchases) and services, in line with your requirements in terms of quality, price and delivery times.

We place orders all over the world with the aim of balancing interests. Our extensive network of international suppliers is the result of solid, reliable collaboration.

Our logistics solutions

Bimex Solutions works with the leaders in the transport industry, from general and specialized logistics to multimodal transport.

Our service providers are selected for their reliability, for the multitude of solutions they offer, and for their commitment and long-term investment.

Some numbers for 2023

  • +270validated offers
  • +240deliveries to 3 continents
  • 90%retention rate